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Foo Fighters concert

On Thursday night I went to the Foo Fighters concert in Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam.

It has been a bizarre week and a bizarre year (not always necessarily in a bad way) and this concert totally made up for everything.

I’m not going to give a detailed description of how it went and what songs they played. In fact, while I was at the concert I think I may have been too impressed to fully enjoy it, at least in the beginning. It took some time before I started to realize I was really there and started screaming along with all the lyrics.

And now two days later I’m still feeling happy and excited. It’s a feeling similar to being in love. A feeling like you want to share with the whole world how wonderful this person is (in this case the concert and the band Foo Fighters) even when you know most people don’t even know them or care about them.

It’s a great feeling, I hope it will last a while longer…

The Cat

For the past couple of days I’ve been down with the flu, and it really is a flu and not just a cold, I’ve had colds and it’s nothing compared to this.

Today I was feeling slightly better and wanted to go out and take some pictures, but didn’t have the energy to go anywhere but my front yard. So I took some pictures there and when I looked back to my front door The Cat was sitting there. I thought it would be nice to take some pictures of him, so I started making those noises you make at cats which you hope will draw their attention and give the perfect pose for a picture. This is what I got….

DSC_0055 DSC_0056 DSC_0057 DSC_0058

I think the last one was the best I could get from him…

“Analog” lenses

Been experimenting with analog lenses that belonged to my deceased father-in-law (they have a Nikon fit and fit on my D3100, they are aprox. from the early ’80s). Monday I took the 35-105 mm and the 135 mm (f/3.5) and after some frustration about getting just blurry pictures, I got the hang of it. The key-word is light, you have to get the exact right combination of shutter speed and aperture and distance. I’m still not sure if this is different for these lenses, with my digital macro lense it’s much easier to get sharp pictures, but it’s a challenge to experiment and learn.

DSC_0673 DSC_0679 DSC_0683 DSC_0692 DSC_0723 DSC_0727 DSC_0748 DSC_0758 DSC_0813

De NRC en het racisme­debat


De Nederlandse discussie over racisme kenmerkt zich al een tijdje door een opvallend gebrek aan diepgang. Stellingen worden betrokken, de gemoederen raken verhit, personen voelen zich beledigd namens hele bevolkingsgroepen. Het ene kamp vanwege de beschuldiging van wit racisme, altijd overtrokken bevonden. Het andere kamp vanwege de eis van het eerste kamp, om zich vrij te kunnen uiten, zelfs als dat als kwetsend wordt ervaren.

Wat mogelijkerwijs voor verdieping had kunnen zorgen, versterkte enkel deze dynamiek. Een bespreking van het werk van zwarte Amerikaanse intellectuelen over het heikele thema racisme, kreeg van de boekenredactie van de NRC de kop ‘Nigger, are you crazy?’, en werd voorzien van beladen illustraties. Een scherpe reactie vanuit de Washington Post leidde vervolgens weer tot hevige verontwaardiging en groot onbegrip onder de Nederlandse babbelende klasse, aangevoerd door Sylvia Witteman. Rare, politiek correcte Amerikanen.

We kunnen hier kort over zijn. Zoals NRC-journalist Guus Valk al stelde…

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Jon Stewart, Meet Me At Camera Three

American Nomad

Like many fans and critics, I’ve been preemptively nostalgic about the impending end of Jon Stewart’s tenure on The Daily Show. When Jon announced his retirement, I was astonished and moved. From my adolescence until now, Jon Stewart and The Daily Show was a constant, a salvo, an adult version of a bed-time story. Particularly in the Bush years, but equally today, it has been an oasis of sanity in an ever-darkening geopolitical climate and an ever-sensationalized media landscape.

For someone who came of voting age just eleven months after 9/11 and who came into the workforce during the Great Recession, it has been reassuring to hear a voice of truth and humor cutting through the bullshit and the darkness and telling me: “You’re not alone. There is still sanity somewhere. As long as we all know this is fucked up, and we acknowledge it, all is not lost.” …

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